It’s Official: Justice Gorsuch

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Judges with my political views should rule for an avowed communist if the law is on his side, and a judge who shares Bernie Sanders political views should rule for a large international corporation if the law is on its side. Anything less is a violation of their responsibilities. 

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Anti-Democratic Democrats Question Gorsuch

The hearings to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court began this week. If you aren’t caught up on this season, here’s a spoiler alert for you: he’s going to be confirmed.

Barring some sudden discovery in the next few days that hasn’t been unearthed in the last two months, his confirmation is a foregone conclusion. The Democrat base may be angry over it, but not even Democrat senators think there’s a chance to stop him.

What makes the Gorsuch hearings interesting are the arguments Democrats use against him. Democrats are not arguing that Gorsuch does not understand the law, or that he uses the law to benefit certain interest groups. It’s actually the opposite. Democrats’ main complaint against Gorsuch is that he applies the law as written, instead of as a means to benefit the little guy.

The Democrats’ mode of thinking here is dangerous.

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The Politics of Law

I have spent the last couple of days learning about Judge Gorsuch. I am not a lawyer, and I do not pretend to be one. While I like, in my own amateurish way, his views on the Chevron Deference and the Fourth Amendment, I do not feel qualified to discuss such legal matters in this forum. But since my job here is to explain conservative thought, I absolutely feel qualified to explain how conservatives approach the judiciary.

*Spoiler Alert – it’s not what Democrats claim

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Something Here Doesn’t Quite Make Sense…

  1. The day after Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of thousands of liberals assembled across the country to say they were afraid Trump would overstep his authority, and announced they would resist him if he did.
  2. For the last few days, protesters throughout America took to the streets to declare Trump’s immigration executive order overstepped his authority, and announced they would resist him in the courts.
  3. On Tuesday, Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a judge most famous for his rejection of expansive Executive Branch authority… and Senate Democrats responded by declaring they will resist him.


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Judge TBA is too Extreme!

Here’s an interesting tidbit: last night there were people outside the Supreme Court ready to protest Trump’s nominee before they even knew who the nominee was. They literally had signs that read “Stop ______” and then they wrote “Gorsuch” in with a marker after he was nominated.

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Stop It With the Race Baiting. It’s Boring.

On Tuesday night, President Trump officially nominated Judge Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump had not even finished his short announcement when former senior adviser to former President Obama snarkily tweeted “what were the odds that Trump was going to nominate a white man to the Supreme Court?”

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