Gun Control and Benjamin Franklin 


Late Sunday night, Las Vegas was the scene of America’s worst mass shooting in our history. As of this writing, 59 innocent people are confirmed dead, and over 500 are wounded. It is a horrifying tragedy that is difficult to comprehend. At this point many details are still unclear, including a motive.

As expected, there was immediate and sustained demands for increased gun control. I am not one to criticize gun control advocates for politicizing a tragedy. If someone has a plan they believe will save hundreds of lives, I won’t tell them to keep it to themselves. But this debate has gone on for so long I think I could carry on both sides. Which is why I want to discuss a different aspect I don’t think gets brought up enough.

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Police in America 

It feels like cops across America have taken more and more criticism in the last few years. Maybe I’m just noticing it more, but it seems like stories of police abuse (real or imagined) are popping up more frequently, amplified by “hands up don’t shoot,” Black Lives Matter, and the NFL kneeling protests. With that in mind, I’d like to share a few quick thoughts.
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