Government is force

“When push comes to shove, I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love.” – King George III (Hamilton: An American Musical)


There is a clever trick liberals like to use whenever they push for higher taxes that has become a great pet peeve of mine. They will invariable say something along the lines of “we’re just asking those who can afford it to pay a little bit more.” There is one word in that sentence that really grinds my gears. Take a moment to see if you can guess what it is. Yes, I oppose higher taxes in principle and for their results, but have you figured out what word in that sentence really annoys me? It’s “ask.”

The government does not “ask” anyone to pay taxes. The government passes laws and then requires citizens and resident aliens to pay taxes under threat of punishment. And this leads me to my larger point: all government action is based on the implicit threat of force. Continue reading

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No, Trump’s Executive Orders Are Not the Same as Obama’s

Trump is receiving some much deserved praise from conservatives for his first set of executive orders. This has led to charges of hypocrisy from liberals who point back to our earlier criticism of some of Obama’s executive orders. All this proves is that some liberals never listened to what we were saying.

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The Liberal Advantage

When it comes to political battles, conservatives are at a natural disadvantage. By the very essence of their ideologies, liberalism is far more active than conservatism. For almost every issue, liberalism easily passes the “we have to do something” test.

As proponents of a powerful and active government, liberal solutions are visible and easily traceable. To solve a problem they might propose a new government agency, a new government program, impose new government requirements, or bills to outlaw whatever is perceived to cause the problem. With any of these options, liberal politicians can easily go to their constituents and show a one-step link between the problem and proposed solution.
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