What I Saw at the Women’s March

I was in college when the Iraq War started, so naturally there were a lot of protests all around me. Although I supported the war, I decided to attend a few of them. At first this was because I enjoy a good debate and wanted to hear from people who were committed to opposing what I supported. But then I found a new reason to go: these leftist protests often take on a circus like atmosphere as people show up to speak about a multitude of issues regardless of the stated reason for the gathering; and they often bring some truly amazing signs.

For the last eight years I haven’t been able to attend any of these protests. After Obama immediately ended all war and suspended the drone program, I guess liberals didn’t have anything left to protest. But now they’re back. The Women’s March received massive crowds, estimated to be about half a million people in DC and hundreds of thousands more all over the world.

I had to go to the same area as the DC gathering, so I decided to take a short detour to check it out and take a few pictures (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them). This is not meant to be representative of the entire march, but here is some of what I saw:
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President Trump

Ok, it happened. Donald Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States. He is now the leader of the richest, most powerful nation the world has ever known – the birthplace of modern democracy.

As is traditional, President Trump gave an inaugural address to outline his vision for his presidency. Trump’s was much shorter than most in recent history, but it was just as telling.
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The American Experiment Continues

Approximately half of America is excited. Approximately half of America is disappointed or worried. This is normal. It happens every four years in this country, and that right there is something to celebrate.

We may be used to it, but it is worth remembering that the peaceful transfer of power is a historical aberration. Throughout most of human history, and in much of the world today, political power is only transferred after the death of the previous leader, be it by natural causes or violence.
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In Defense of Trump Voters

I have not exactly been reserved in my opposition to Trump. From the moment he entered the election, I was concerned he would corrupt the Republican Party and that people would confuse his positions with my conservatism. And, to be clear, I did not vote for Trump and am still no fan of his now that he will be president, so this is not personal for me.

But all of that aside, the campaign quickly devolved into personal partisan insults amongst and against the candidates’ supporters, a trend that only accelerated after Trump won the election. Is this a problem on both sides? Sure. But it is much, much more pronounced on the cultural left.

Trump voters have been repeatedly slandered after the election. I touched on this a bit in an earlier post, but did not do the issue justice. There have been an astonishing number of liberals who have claimed that all 63 million Trump voters, people they have never met, are racist, sexists, or espouse various other types of bigotry. It takes an incredible lack of self-awareness to claim a whole category of people you don’t know share a set of negative attributes, and condemn them for bigotry.
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How #NeverTrump should react to President-Elect Trump – A Personal Note

When Trump began doing well in the primary, I made several public proclamations that I would never vote for Trump. I did that for two reasons.

First, because I truly believed his inclination is towards big government policies and the “strength” of authoritarians. His strategy to divide Americans for personal gain and his exhortations to violence represent some of the worst impulses in America.

Second, because I have been a Republican my whole life and it is natural to put aside differences to support your party’s nominee, and I didn’t want to leave myself any wiggle room to do so. I viewed Trump as a danger to my values and wanted it to be clear where I stood; and I wanted to stand firm.

Now that Trump has actually won the presidency, I feel I should update my views on the man and his future.
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Why Did Hillary Lose?

Faced with a surprising electoral defeat on November 8, many Democrats seem determined not to learn any lessons. They deny that Hillary lost because Obama tried to take the country too far to the left, or because Hillary was a deeply flawed candidate who could not connect to the average American or explain why she wanted to be president, or because people grew fed up with being told any political disagreement was a hate crime. Instead, many Democrats have come up with two explanations for their defeat.
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