Communism’s Useful Idiots

When someone on the left wants to denigrate someone on the right in the most extreme way, they call us a Nazi or fascist (I 100% reject the notion that Nazism or fascism is of the right, but that is for another time). When someone on the right wants to denigrate the left in the most extreme way, we call them a communist. The difference here is that while leading figures of the Republican Party, or the right broadly speaking, roundly reject and condemn fascism, many on the left still find communism acceptable.

There is a fringe that has attached itself to the right, known as the alt-right, that preaches white nationalism, but that small group of basement dwellers has been routinely and vocally repudiated by leading figures of the actual right. The same cannot be said for the left. Examples abound.



When the Gauls fought Caesar, when William Wallace fought the English, when various anti-colonial movements fought the British, French, and other European empires, they all claimed to fight for freedom. But they weren’t fighting for freedom – not really. Their wars were designed to replace a dictator from a foreign land with a dictator who shared their ethnicity.

Southern slaveholders argued for their freedom to hold other human beings in bondage. When President George W. Bush made the case for the Iraq War, he claimed that everyone all around the world wants liberty. As we found out, most just want to be the ones in power.

Many people just want to be free to enforce their will on others.
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America – The Best There’s Ever Been

Let’s start this off with a simple fact: America is the greatest country that ever was or will be. Qarth can suck it.

America is, without question, the richest, most powerful, most influential country the world has ever known. But more than that, modern society would be impossible without the United States. I am currently writing this post on my phone, which would not have been possible without America. An American did not just invent the specific iPhone I am using, but the genre of cell phones itself. Nor is the cell phone the only American invention that has transformed our daily lives. Far from it.

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Honor the Fallen

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. The holiday that grew out of a Civil War veterans organization’s commitment to honor their fallen comrades. Initially called “Decoration Day,” Union veterans picked May 30 to place flowers on the graves of soldiers in a somber ceremony. This continued for over a century until Congress declared Memorial Day an official holiday to take place on the last Monday of May.

Like many holidays, Memorial Day has lost some of its meaning to the general public. It is widely regarded as the unofficial start to summer, with greetings such as “happy Memorial Day” that are a bit incongruous with the solemnity of the occasion. This, in turn, has led to some dedicated people (often veterans) who scold those who forget the seriousness of the day.

I propose a middle ground. Enjoy your day off. Have friends over for a BBQ. Spend some time outside in the nice weather and look forward to the summer. But at some point during your long weekend, take a moment to remember the 33 Americans who, since the last Memorial Day, have sacrificed their lives for our way of life.

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Originalism Is The Only Judicial Philosophy Compatible With Democracy

With Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation, there has been a lot of talk about the judicial philosophy of originalism. One thing that struck me throughout this process has been how little originalism’s critics seem to understand it. This may be because the loudest opponents to Gorsuch were either politicians with no interest in accurately portraying the opposition, or trolls who live in the bowels of internet ignorance.

A favorite argument of these people is that an originalist judge views black Americans as 3/5 of a person. The only explanation I can come up with for this viewpoint is that they wore shock collars set to go off anytime they had a credible thought. There is simply no way anyone could speak to someone with even a passing familiarity of originalism and come away with that belief.

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It’s Official: Justice Gorsuch

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Some Things Are Out of Bounds

There are some things I will never do.

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Breaking: If the government stops forcing people to buy something, people will buy less of it. 

Milo is an Internet Troll, Not a Conservative

Conservatism, properly understood, is an ideology with a positive agenda. As conservatives, we are for a set of principles that lead us to value individual rights and responsibilities, humility in our government, and respect for our history and culture. But too many people define conservatives as whoever is against liberals. This is wrong.

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One year ago, a “Not My President” rally would have been called racist.