Russia Interferes with its own Election

In an outcome that surprised no one, Putin “won” Russia’s sham election in a landslide. As expected, there were reports of ballot stuffing often seen when a dictator wants to claim democratic legitimacy without actually concerning himself with how his people vote.

But on a deeper level, Putin’s sham election would have been illegitimate even without fraud.

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The VA and IRS Show Why the Government is Incompetent

In 2014, a scandal exploded across America. The Department of Veterans Affairs was forging wait lists to cover up the fact that thousands of sick and wounded veterans were waiting months for treatment they were supposed to receive within two weeks. Men and women who had risked their lives for America on the battlefield and survived instead died at home due to their own government’s failures.

These failures are ongoing, and there is evidence they may have occurred in the early 2000’s as well. That’s nearly two decades of negligence and cover ups. I could go on a good, long rant about the VA scandal, and perhaps I will at some time. But I have a different point to make today.

Those failures were inevitable.

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A Note to my Readers

First, I would like to thank you all. When I started this site I expected it to be little more than a cathartic exercise read primarily if not exclusively by friends and family who thought it their duty to humor me. To see so many people read and share my words is an amazing feeling I hope I never get over. Thank you. Truly.

Second, I want to expound a little on my vision for this site. Much of the media and public discussion has turned tribalistic. It’s us vs them, and they better watch out. Lost in these arguments and meme wars are the principles this great country was founded upon. My goal is to keep calm and stick to those principles.

If you are looking for someone to always defend Trump or always criticize Trump, this site may not be for you. This site is not about Trump. This site is about conservative principles. When Trump does something right I will praise him, when he does something wrong I will call him out. It’s as simple as that.

So whether you walk around all day in a MAGA hat, consider yourself part of the resistance, or fall somewhere in between, you will find some posts you agree with and some you disagree with. Whether you think I’m right or wrong, let me know. My only requirement is that you keep it civil.

I don’t do this for fame and fortune. I anonymously run a small website that generates no revenue, and I have no expectation of that ever changing. I come home from work and write articles because I have deeply held convictions I believe can improve this country if adopted. I want people to know them, understand them, be persuaded by them. I couldn’t care less about liberal tears.

So, here is my commitment to you. I will at all times say what I believe and nothing else. I am beholden to no politician, only the conservative principles I cherish.

I invite you to like my Facebook page and follow my Twitter account. I am making an effort to be more active on Twitter, so I recommend following both. If you enjoy a post, please consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. There are buttons below each post to quickly share it with your friends.

The Passing Joy of Liberal Tears

The right is angry, and with good reason. We spent eight years being condescended to by a former part time Constitutional law lecturer who repeatedly admitted to violating the Constitution. He had “a pen and a phone,” so forget Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, the media acted as if Obama should get everything he wanted, but if Republicans in a co-equal branch of government had a different idea it was “obstruction.” And anytime we dared to criticize Obama, even simply saying he golfed too much, it was proof we were racists.

We spent eight long years raging in vain that 2% economic growth is a failure, that treaties have to be ratified by the Senate not just willed into existence by the president, or that Obama learning of his administration’s failure after failure from the news was not an excuse. For this we were insulted, mocked, and condescended to. It was infuriating.

While this was particularly acute during the Obama years, the media has always been liberal, it’s nothing new to be called racist for every disagreement, and Democrats have always been hypocrites. So with that history, it’s natural to seek a measure of revenge.

Many on the right take perverse pleasure in watching the left get upset. When someone who is undeservedly arrogant breaks down in confusion because something doesn’t go their way, it’s natural to smile a bit. Going back to at least the 90’s, there have been jokes about drinking liberal tears.

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What do Rifles and a Gay Wedding Cake have in Common?

DICK’S Sporting Goods recently announced several changes to their policy on selling guns in their stores. In addition to no longer selling certain types of rifles and “high capacity” magazines, the store is refusing to sell any firearm to anyone under the age of 21, but will continue to sell them to those who are 21 and older.

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Why Can’t we have an Honest Debate about Gun Control?

We are not even two months into the new year and there have already been 18 school shootings. That is an astounding figure. With gun violence on the rise, why can’t we have an honest debate about gun control?

Well, for starters, because the statistic written above is a lie.
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Five ways Abortion is like Slavery

Last week, Senate Democrats filibustered a Bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation. The 20 week ban would have brought America more in line with the rest of the world’s abortion policy, is supported by science that shows a 20 week old fetus feels pain, and is supported by two-thirds of Americans, including a majority of Democrats. Guess which side was called “extreme.”

Abortion is a peculiar institution. Despite, or perhaps because of, a Supreme Court ruling that discovered an ill-defined Constitutional right to abortion, it has been possibly the most heated subject of political debates in America for nearly half a century. It was a struggle just to outlaw abortions that occur during child birth. Kermit Gosnell ran an abortion house of horrors, complete with dead fetuses in jars, infanticide occurring after birth, and a dead mother to boot. And yet this received scant attention from the national media.

There is an entire industry dedicated to hiding and obfuscating the truth when it comes to abortion. Enough. Abortion shares many similarities with America’s great sin of the past, and its time to discuss them.

With that in mind, I present five ways abortion is like slavery:
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