Remind Everyone of their Tax Bill before Voting

A smattering of small government conservatives have long argued for moving Election Day to shortly after April 15. Maybe a day after, maybe a week – but if we could get people to vote with the memory of filing their taxes fresh in their minds, the theory goes, we would pick up a lot more votes as people place a more direct link between government programs and the money coming out of their pocket.

It’s an intriguing idea. Its also impossible.

Moving Election Day to April would require a Constitutional amendment, which means we would need a large amount of Democrats to vote for a change expressly designed to put them permanently out of power. It’s complete impracticality is why this idea is the domain of a handful of cranks and dreamers, but no one serious.

But there is another way; perhaps not as effective, but I believe effective nonetheless.

Instead of going through the giant hassle of moving Election Day and all that entails, Congress should pass a law requiring the IRS to send every American a notice each October informing them how much they have paid in taxes so far this year, how much more they are expected to pay this year, how much they paid each of the last five years, and total government revenue and expenditures each of the last five years.

This is a simple, low cost solution that reminds every voter of the true size of the federal government and how much Uncle Sam is taking out of their pocket right before they decide who should represent them in Washington.

Let’s see how many Americans vote for higher taxes and more spending after that.