Children of Socialism

I am ashamed to admit it, but there was a time I was pretty far left-wing. My views might even have been described as socialist.

Absorbing what I saw on TV, I looked out to the world and saw big businesses that only cared about making more and more money, willing to ride over the the little guys if that’s what it took. I thought the government was the only organization that cared about ordinary people. Put those two ideas together and I arrived at the very definition of socialism: I believed the government should take over and run businesses for the betterment of everyday Americans.

Then I turned eight and I gave up such childish ideas.

I try my best to only deal in reasoned arguments made in good faith, and not go on the attack simply to own the libs. But an honest examination of many left wing beliefs inevitably leads to the conclusion that their philosophy is based less on how the world actually works than on how they would like it to.

There are plenty of examples.

Liberals understand that if the government increases the cost of cigarettes through extra taxes, people will smoke less. Liberals understand that if the government increases the cost of gas through extra taxes, people will drive less. These are things they want. But somehow they have convinced themselves that if the government increases the cost of labor through higher minimum wages, it will not cause businesses to employ fewer people.

It’s like kids who understand that no one can fly to every house in one night or fit down a chimney, but tell them Santa is magic and they forget all they know. They want presents, so Santa must be real. Liberals want a high minimum wage with no downsides, so it must be achievable.

Consider the policies of far left liberals and the same pattern plays out over and over.

They want to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy now. Never mind the technology does not exist to do so. They want it, so they try to pass laws mandating a fantasy.

They want free healthcare and free college, at a cost of tens of trillions of dollars. Ask them how they will pay for all this “free” stuff and they hand wave away the question. The important thing is they want it. Why are you bothering them with questions about paying for it? Dad has a credit card, doesn’t he?

When I was a kid, my main concern was what I wanted. I wanted this bike and that game system. I wanted a trip to Disney World and endless chocolate. I wanted – and it was all obviously reasonable because I wanted it. It was up to my parents to figure out how to get what I wanted, not me.

If my parents had indulged my every whim, they would have quickly gone bankrupt and I would have grown up a spoiled brat. Fortunately, they had a lot more sense than today’s leftists.

Most kids grow up to be responsible adults. Too many kids simply replace their childhood fantasies with new ones, and now they are in the government.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to questions about her repeated inaccurate statements by saying “there are people more concerned about being precisely and factually correct than about being morally right.” Translation: some people care more about the truth than saying things that make them feel like a good person. And she doesn’t like that.

The inherent feature of the modern left is the insistence the world will react the way they want and not in accordance with human nature. And when the real world fails to conform to their fantasy, they throw a temper tantrum, demanding the successful be punished for their insolence.

So here’s some hard truths. Not everyone deserves a trophy. Not everyone’s ideas are valid. We cannot eliminate fossil fuels in the next 12 years. Replacing airplanes with trains is not “forward looking.” Eventually, you run out of other people’s money. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, and inevitably leads to tyranny.

Finally, some advice for all the kids out there, be they 7 or 77. Do your homework. Work for your own success. Accept the consequences of your own actions. And one day you’ll grow up to be a productive member of a free society.



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