Unite the Right Against Racism

Some parasites have attempted to latch on to the right. We must shake them off.

A year ago, a group of white supremacists held a rally in Charlottesvile, VA. Neo-Nazi punks mixed with well dressed young men in khakis and white polo shirts carrying tiki torches to march in a demonstration billed as “Unite the Right.” They were attempting to present the right wing of America as a common cause amongst conservatives, libertarians, nationalists, and racists. We cannot let that happen.

White supremacy is nothing more than identity politics for white people. Instead of the individual rights and responsibilities that comprise the central values of conservatism, these racists champion a collectivist vision that is antithetical to the right wing. They are not our friends. They are not our allies. They are a pathetic collection of losers desperately seeking a sense of pride to give their lives meaning.

On August 12, 2018, a handful of these losers walked through Washington, DC (there weren’t enough of them to qualify for a march) before stopping across the street from the White House to hold their “rally.” There were more reporters in attendance than white supremacists.

And therein lies a serious problem. There were not enough white supremacists walking through the nation’s capital to field a football team, but they have and will continue to receive hundreds of hours of airtime and thousands of articles will be written about them, all associating that pathetic group of failed men with the right. There weren’t enough white supremacists in Washington, DC to elect a city councilman in Podunk, Iowa, but unscrupulous activists on the left will attempt to associate them with the conservative movement made up of tens of millions of Americans.

It is on us to be loud enough in our opposition to all forms of racism to prevent that slander from taking hold.

Yes, there were bad people in the counter protest too. Antifa thugs and socialists calling for an end to America were in attendance. But none of them are claiming to be in league with you or me. Is it fair that a handful of white supremacists claiming association with conservatism will get far more attention than the hundreds of socialists and antifa thugs standing 20 feet away? No. But life’s not fair. Suck it up.

This is not a time to complain about media bias, though it is of course a factor. This is not a time to point to the extremists the left is embracing, though it is of course troubling. This is not a time to ignore or down play the hatred that is in their hearts just because they want to ally with us. This is a time for moral clarity on our own side. This is a time for drawing a line in the sand and declaring loudly and forthrightly that racism is not welcome on the right.

We are responsible for getting our own house in order. These alt-right racists are intruders, and it’s time we stand our ground.



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