Dear Democrats: We Warned You

I have a simple message for Democrats: I told you so. And I don’t hate to say it. In fact, I quite enjoy saying “I told you so.”

In 2013, Democrats we’re frustrated that Republicans were filibustering some of President Obama’s nominees. Republicans were in the minority in the Senate and could not defeat Obama’s nominees outright, but they could use Senate procedure to keep them from being confirmed, just as whichever party was in the minority has done for decades. But instead of taking their lumps and working out a compromise with Republicans, Democrats decided to change the rules of the Senate to ram their nominees through.

Republicans at the time warned Democrats that they would not always be in the majority and would one day want the rights the filibuster offered the minority party.

But Democrats ignored these warnings and went ahead with the rules changes anyway, lowering the necessary vote total for most nominations from 60 to 50. Then-Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell had one final warning for Democrats. He told them “You’ll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think.”


Well, Democrats regretted it when Trump was elected. Their decision to get rid of the filibuster is why several of Trump’s cabinet nominees were confirmed. It is why Justice Gorsuch now sits on the Supreme Court. And it is why Trump will get a second Justice on the Supreme Court without any input from the Democrats.

Democrats have 49 votes and zero say in the next Supreme Court Justice.

If Trump keeps his word like he did last time and appoints another Justice like Gorsuch, the party is at my place and Harry Reid is invited.

So let this serve as a second lesson – to both political parties. What goes around comes around, and the bigger the government the harder the hit when you’re on the losing side. If we still had the civil society and limited government the Founders envisioned, Democrats would not now be terrified that the Handmaid’s Tale is right around the corner.

Democrats are in a false terror of their own making. Both the wild exaggerations and their complete inability to affect the outcome are 100% Democratic inventions.

I wish we lived in a country where previous norms of civility and minority party rights still existed. Alas, Democrats removed their own protections under the delusional belief they would maintain power and fundamentally transform America.




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