Honor the Fallen – 2018

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. The holiday grew out of a Civil War veterans organization’s commitment to honor their fallen comrades. Initially called “Decoration Day,” Union veterans picked May 30 to place flowers on the graves of soldiers in a somber ceremony. This continued for over a century until Congress declared Memorial Day an official holiday to take place on the last Monday of May.

Like many holidays, Memorial Day has lost some of its meaning to the general public. It is widely regarded as the unofficial start to summer, with greetings such as “happy Memorial Day” that are a bit incongruous with the solemnity of the occasion. This, in turn, has led to some dedicated people (often veterans) who scold those who forget the seriousness of the day.

I propose a middle ground. Enjoy your day off. Have friends over for a BBQ. Spend some time outside in the nice weather and look forward to the summer. But at some point during your long weekend, take a moment to remember the 33 Americans who, since the last Memorial Day, have sacrificed their lives for our way of life.

Service Name (Last, First M) Rank Date of Death Age
ARMY Dunbar, Jonathan J MSG 3/30/2018 36
AIR FORCE Briggs, Dashan SSgt 3/15/2018 30
AIR FORCE Enis, Carl SSgt 3/15/2018 31
AIR FORCE O’Keeffe, Andreas Capt 3/15/2018 37
AIR FORCE Posch, William MSgt 3/15/2018 36
AIR FORCE Raguso, Christopher MSgt 3/15/2018 39
AIR FORCE Weber, Mark Capt 3/15/2018 29
AIR FORCE Zanetis, Christopher Capt 3/15/2018 37
ARMY Wilson, Maitland D SFC 3/9/2018 38
ARMY Schoenecker, Christina M SGT 2/19/2018 26
ARMY Sullivan, Javion S SPC 1/8/2018 24
ARMY Golin, Mihail SFC 1/1/2018 34
ARMY Chaves, Avadon A SPC 12/20/2017 20
ARMY McGurn, Todd L CPL 11/25/2017 20
ARMY Brown, Hughton O SFC 11/14/2017 43
ARMY Smith, Lee M CW2 11/11/2017 35
ARMY Cribben, Stephen B SFC 11/4/2017 33
ARMY Sims, Jacob M CW2 10/27/2017 36
ARMY Black, Bryan C SSG 10/4/2007 35
ARMY Johnson, Jeremiah W SSG 10/4/2007 39
ARMY Johnson, La David T SGT 10/4/2017 25
ARMY Wright, Dustin M SSG 10/4/2017 29
ARMY Missildine, Alexander W SPC 10/1/2017 20
ARMY Butler, Aaron R SSG 8/16/2017 27
ARMY Brooks, Roshain Euvince SGT 8/13/2017 30
ARMY Stigler, Allen Levi SPC 8/13/2017 22
AIR FORCE Board, David TSgt 8/2/2017 49
ARMY Harris, Christopher Michael SPC 8/2/2017 25
ARMY Hunder, Jonathon Michael SGT 8/2/2017 23
ARMY Kirkpatrick, Hansen B PFC 7/3/2017 19
ARMY Baldridge, Dillon C CPL 6/10/2017 22
ARMY Houck, Eric M SGT 6/10/2017 25
ARMY Bays, William M SGT 6/10/2017 29