A Note to my Readers

First, I would like to thank you all. When I started this site I expected it to be little more than a cathartic exercise read primarily if not exclusively by friends and family who thought it their duty to humor me. To see so many people read and share my words is an amazing feeling I hope I never get over. Thank you. Truly.

Second, I want to expound a little on my vision for this site. Much of the media and public discussion has turned tribalistic. It’s us vs them, and they better watch out. Lost in these arguments and meme wars are the principles this great country was founded upon. My goal is to keep calm and stick to those principles.

If you are looking for someone to always defend Trump or always criticize Trump, this site may not be for you. This site is not about Trump. This site is about conservative principles. When Trump does something right I will praise him, when he does something wrong I will call him out. It’s as simple as that.

So whether you walk around all day in a MAGA hat, consider yourself part of the resistance, or fall somewhere in between, you will find some posts you agree with and some you disagree with. Whether you think I’m right or wrong, let me know. My only requirement is that you keep it civil.

I don’t do this for fame and fortune. I anonymously run a small website that generates no revenue, and I have no expectation of that ever changing. I come home from work and write articles because I have deeply held convictions I believe can improve this country if adopted. I want people to know them, understand them, be persuaded by them. I couldn’t care less about liberal tears.

So, here is my commitment to you. I will at all times say what I believe and nothing else. I am beholden to no politician, only the conservative principles I cherish.

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