United Nations Bites the Hand that Feeds It

Most of the world’s governments oppose the United States recognizing the self evident fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. To protest moving our embassy, they have chosen the most ineffectual means of affecting change ever devised: a vote in the United Nations.

They initially tried to pass a resolution in the UN Security Council. That vote was 14 in favor and 1 against. America was the lone no vote, so the resolution failed.

Next they moved to the UN General Assembly to avoid another US veto. This resolution called America’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “null and void.” It’s amusing they think they have the ability to dictate America’s actions.

And because this display of impotent anger was not enough, they decided to throw in the UN’s number one export: irony. Speaking in favor of the resolution, the Yemeni Ambassador, who’s country is in the midst of a civil war that is part of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, called on all “peace-loving countries” to condemn America.

The resolution passed 128-9, with 35 abstentions. The result of this vote will be… bupkis. The United Nations has no authority or power to demand America do anything.

Or maybe the vote will result in some changes. America pays approximately 22% of the entire general UN budget, and even more for individual committees. We send billions in aid to countries that use the UN as a vehicle for their two minutes of hate. Maybe, just maybe, it’s about time we demand some reforms in exchange for US taxpayer dollars.

The UN has its purposes, but they do not include repeated condemnations of America and Israel while the human rights abuses of dictators go unmentioned. Before the vote in the General Assembly, America’s ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned member nations that “the US is taking names.” The next step is kicking ass – diplomatically, of course.

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