America – The Best There’s Ever Been

Let’s start this off with a simple fact: America is the greatest country that ever was or will be. Qarth can suck it.

America is, without question, the richest, most powerful, most influential country the world has ever known. But more than that, modern society would be impossible without the United States. I am currently writing this post on my phone, which would not have been possible without America. An American did not just invent the specific iPhone I am using, but the genre of cell phones itself. Nor is the cell phone the only American invention that has transformed our daily lives. Far from it.

A list of American inventions vital to the development of modern society includes the cotton gin, incandescent light bulbs, airplanes, television, personal computers, the internet, refrigerators, the telegraph/Morse code, the phonograph, etc. We even invented the assembly line.

Pick a field, and odds are America is a leader. There is a reason people come from all over the world to be treated by American doctors, or to become a doctor. America’s colleges are full of foreigners who traveled the world to find an education, and ended up in the good ole US of A. Depending on which ranking you choose, America typically has 16 or 17 of the worlds 20 best colleges, including the top 4 or 5.

But more important than all of the things we invent, we created modern democracy. Before the United States led the way, it was assumed democracy could only work in a small city state. We proved it was possible to be large, powerful, and democratic – and then we preached the gospel to the world, leaving liberty in our wake.

Given all of this, it is with great confusion that I hear people say some version of “America is the only major country that does X, everyone else does Y, so America should do Y too.” What?!?

If the richest, most powerful, most influential country in the history of the world does something differently than all the other countries, shouldn’t the presumption be that the other countries are wrong? Maybe America maintaining a free market healthcare system is why we have the best doctors and develop so many new drugs and treatments. Maybe the fact that the American government has minimal interference in the labor market (at least compared to other countries) is why we have the largest economy and why we are responsible for so much of the world’s progress.

As a general rule, if a system is producing the best outcomes, we should not assume that system is flawed. Saying that America operates differently means we should adopt the practices of other countries is like saying Bill Belichick should run the Patriots according to the Brown’s coaching style, or Google should be more like AOL.

Let other countries do as they please. In just a few short centuries, America took itself from a collection of backwoods farmers to a wealthy, global hegemonic power that put a man on the moon. Why would we ever want to be more like other countries?

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