Britain is Great

In the early 1940’s, Britain stood virtually alone against the might of the Nazi Reich. France had surrendered, America was not yet in the war, and the Soviets were working with the enemy. Unable to invade the British isle protected by what at the time was the world’s most powerful navy, Hitler tried to bomb Britain into submission.

For months upon months, Great Britain endured nightly bombing raids that directly targeted civilians, but her people never broke. My favorite story of the Blitz is of an elderly woman whose home was nearly destroyed by Nazi bombs. When the rescuers came, they found a bottle of brandy in the one part of the house that was still standing and opened it to comfort her. The elderly woman, whose home and worldly possessions were ruined, chastised the rescuers because the brandy “was for emergencies.

A few years ago, a poster that reads “keep calm and carry on” became famous around the world.

This was a poster the British government created during WWII to keep its people calm and resolute, but it was never published despite the Blitz, six years of war, and enormous casualties because, like the brandy, it was for emergencies.

As much as I am fascinated by WWII history, that particular war is a side note here. The point is that Britain is a tough country full of brave and formidable people. Britain will not be brought low by cowards who murder innocent children. The United Kingdom will stand tall, and we must stand united with them.

This is not a time to haggle or check the balance sheet. This is a time to join together and destroy the scum who take pleasure in causing pain.

But in the meantime, I will watch the British people, with not a single doubt in my mind that they will handle this latest act of barbarism with their usual poise. There is a reason why the British put the word “great” in their country’s name; they have earned that right.

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