In Defense of Sanders… Did I Really Just Write That?

I am going to do something I never would have imagined. Less than a week after calling Senator Bernie Sanders a proto-tyrant, I now feel compelled to defend him. Yeah, I’m surprised too.

Some members of the Democrat Party have decided to attack Sanders, an admitted socialist who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, as not being far enough to the left. You read that right. It seems like this is the kind of blog post where I am going to have to periodically clarify that I am not just making this all up.

In a Salon article last Monday, Anna March attacked Sanders primarily over the issue of abortion. Did she do this because Sanders is pro-life? No, Sanders is pro-choice. But Sanders does not specify on his website that he wants the Federal Government to pay for abortions, and the senator has been willing to campaign for Democrat politicians who accept some limits on abortions. That, combined with statements that Democrats should have a message that tells people how they will help them instead of relying on identity politics, is apparently enough to make the socialist senator a “centrist.” Again, not making this up. They really called Sander’s platform “centrist.”

I have no real interest in defending Sanders. His ideas are economically ruinous and antithetical to the American spirit. But somehow a significant portion of the Democrat Party has found a way to be even worse. In the 90’s, before Democrats went off the deep end, Bill Clinton famously said that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” That has now been replaced with “safe, legal, accessible, funded and available on demand,” and anything less is heretical to the far-left cadre taking leadership of the Democrats.

While most of March’s charges against Sanders dealt with his insufficient obedience to abortion on demand, she also chastised him as a “cisgendered, heterosexual” mansplainer. If you don’t know what all of those words are, consider yourself lucky. In a nutshell, Moris is saying that as a straight white man, Sander’s opinion is less valuable than that of someone from one (or more) of the chosen identities that confer the superiority of victim-hood (gay, woman, black, trans, etc.).

This is an ideology that literally says the value of one’s opinion is determined by their sex, race, and sexual orientation. Think about that for a moment. We spent centuries trying to get to a place where people are judged “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” and now the far-left is saying the only problem was that we were wrong about which groups are superior.

Sander’s socialism is economically illiterate and openly contemptible of the spirit of American independence. But these prophets of identity politics have introduced a poison into the American bloodstream. America only works if we are all Americans. Assigning value to people based on immutable characteristics such as sex or race is a betrayal of all we have accomplished in our long struggle. It takes a lot of work to be worse than Sanders in my book, but by being so open and proud about their racism, sexism, and several other forms of bigotry, March and her ilk have managed it. I have to fight back the urge to vomit as I write this, but in this battle, I’m with Sanders.

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