Top White House Staff May Have Private Email Accounts. So What?

Here we go again.

A day after accusing Republicans of hypocrisy for not condemning Trump’s executive orders (based on a complete misunderstanding of why conservatives criticized so many of Obama’s executive orders), some Democrats are now making hay out of a report that four senior members of the Trump White House still have active private email accounts with the Republican National Committee. This, apparently, is also hypocritical after Republicans roundly condemned Hillary for her private server. But again, this reasoning shows a total lack of awareness about Republican arguments, the facts of the case, or both.

Hillary conducted government business on a private, unsecured server. This action exposed the country’s top diplomat to easy hacking and risked national security. And despite her laughable claims that she went through the hassle of setting up and maintaining a private server for convenience, the only logical explanation is that she risked exposing US secrets to avoid public scrutiny. Hillary violated the law to thwart Freedom Of Information Act requests. If someone has a logical theory supported by the facts that suggests otherwise, I have yet to hear it.

That is why Republicans criticized Hillary and her private email server. She broke the law to hide her work on behalf of American citizens from the American people. In contrast, none of the reports about Trump’s staff show any evidence they are conducting government business on those private email accounts. In fact, there is no evidence they are using those emails at all, merely that they are still active. And far from being illegal, these private accounts are required if White House staff are going to engage in politics, such as arranging for Trump to speak at a campaign event for a Congressional election.

If evidence materializes that these email accounts are being used for official government business, then turnabout is fair play and Democrats will have a legitimate gripe. But let’s wait until there is evidence of actual wrongdoing, not just something that kinda sorta looks a bit like what some people thought Republicans were attacking Hillary for.

And finally, a personal plea to Democrats: please, please, please stop making me defend Trump. I don’t like to do it. There are so many legitimate things to go after him for, don’t make stuff up. It’s silly.