No, Trump’s Executive Orders Are Not the Same as Obama’s

Trump is receiving some much deserved praise from conservatives for his first set of executive orders. This has led to charges of hypocrisy from liberals who point back to our earlier criticism of some of Obama’s executive orders. All this proves is that some liberals never listened to what we were saying.

Conservatives did not criticize Obama simply for using executive orders. They are a long-standing device of presidential authority. Nor, despite liberals attempt to confuse the matter, did we criticize the number of executive orders Obama signed. We opposed the content, and disputed his Constitutional authority to sign executive orders that abrogated legislative authority.

Obama spent over a year telling crowds he did not have the Constitutional authority to change immigration law. But after Democrats lost the 2014 midterm election and Obama realized he would not have a friendly Congress to pass the laws he wanted, he chose to ignore the Constitution and his own previous statements on his authority to attempt amnesty through executive orders.

While Obama stole legislative authority, Congressional Democrats cheered their own diminution of power. Our democracy is built on the premise of checks and balances, and Democrats willingly damaged that bedrock principle. That is why conservatives criticized Obama’s executive orders.

Trump’s executive orders, so far, have mostly been designed to reverse Obama’s. Trump’s executive orders, so far, have been Constitutional. If this changes, I will criticize any unconstitutional executive orders by Trump just as I opposed them by Obama. But snark that misconstrues conservative arguments merely exposes liberal ignorance.

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