What I Saw at the Women’s March

I was in college when the Iraq War started, so naturally there were a lot of protests all around me. Although I supported the war, I decided to attend a few of them. At first this was because I enjoy a good debate and wanted to hear from people who were committed to opposing what I supported. But then I found a new reason to go: these leftist protests often take on a circus like atmosphere as people show up to speak about a multitude of issues regardless of the stated reason for the gathering; and they often bring some truly amazing signs.

For the last eight years I haven’t been able to attend any of these protests. After Obama immediately ended all war and suspended the drone program, I guess liberals didn’t have anything left to protest. But now they’re back. The Women’s March received massive crowds, estimated to be about half a million people in DC and hundreds of thousands more all over the world.

I had to go to the same area as the DC gathering, so I decided to take a short detour to check it out and take a few pictures (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them). This is not meant to be representative of the entire march, but here is some of what I saw:

The first thing I saw was a stack of these signs available for marchers to take for free. I didn’t see anyone actually take one though.

I did see plenty of these signs, which these enterprising gentlemen were selling for $10 each.

Capitalism for the win.

There were the signs you would expect from something billed as the “Women’s March.” Lots of girl power signs.


There were also a lot of signs referencing Trump’s famous “grab them by the pu**y” comment.


But there were also a lot of signs that just make you go “huh?”

There were many signs about Russian influence in the election, but Putin puns seemed to be a particular favorite.

I also saw a few references to the Hamilton musical.

In addition to this one there was a sign that said “Immigrants: we get the job done” and “I’m young, scrappy, and hungry.”

And then we have the people who take any opportunity to protest their favorite issue, regardless of what everyone else is there for.


And then there are the signs I just don’t understand:


I honestly couldn’t tell you if she’s warning about a communist takeover or is supporting one. Which side are you on lady?

This guy was singing, badly. I have no idea why.

But not angry enough to make a statement instead of a joke.


I asked this guy what his sign meant. Apparently it’s an old slogan for people who wanted both bread and roses. He wasn’t quite clear on the details.

“When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.” – President Trump

And finally, my absolute favorite sign:


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