Victims of the Victimized

On January 20, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. On January 21, the nation’s capital will witness what organizers hope will be a massive protest against the new president, known as the Women’s March on Washington. However, there is a small group of people working to undermine the protest by discouraging women from joining the march. That group is made up entirely of the organizers of the march.

Buckle up.

Jennifer Willis is a liberal who calls South Carolina home. She has fought in liberal campaigns for equal pay for women, gay marriage and adoption, and other liberal causes. She’s a liberal. I can’t stress that enough. And as a liberal, she was looking forward to leaving her conservative state to join her fellow liberals in a march for their shared liberal beliefs. We should all dream such grandiose dreams.

Yes, Ms. Willis is a woman and therefore a victim. But she’s also white and therefore privileged. In the hierarchy of victimhood, Ms Willis does not rank high enough. When told to check her privilege, she was at a loss as to what that meant. A march organizer (who is black) wrote on the group’s Facebook page that white women “don’t just get to join because now you’re scared, too. I was born scared.” So Ms. Willis decided not to join the march.

Part of me just wants to revel in the Schadenfreude of liberals telling other liberals they need to be “talking less” while hurling the same barely disguised charges of racism they routinely level at conservatives. But that’s selfish. There is a larger issue here. It is getting damn near impossible to not be considered hateful or bigoted.

A great example of this took place back in May of 2016. An editor at the Huffington Post tweeted out a picture of an editors meeting that was entirely female with the question “Notice anything about this @HuffingtonPost editors meeting?”


She was obviously very proud of the diversity Huffington Post had achieved by having an all female editors meeting. Unfortunately for her, it was also a mostly white meeting. Her fellow liberals were not kind.

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The examples of this attitude are legion.

What used to be called the melting pot is now called cultural appropriation. White girls are not allowed to wear nameplate necklaces. Wearing sombreros to a “tequila themed” birthday party in college is beyond the pale and deserving of punishment.

It’s become so bad, you might be forgiven for thinking literally everything is about race. Even PB&J sandwiches are racist.

But other liberals disagree it is all about race, and not even Martin Luther King Jr. is exempt from their social justice campaign. An MLK quote from one of the most famous speeches in American history decorates the University of Oregon campus. But students debated taking down the famous line “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” because the quote only talks about race and does not recognize other forms of diversity. We also have to understand what women go through.

Part of that understanding used to be a demand that men recognize the hard work of women who chose to stay home and raise kids. Now, thanking them for doing so is sexist. It can be difficult to keep up with what is required and what is forbidden.

And don’t you dare say you find the Special Olympics inspiring. That’s a microagression.

All of this is not to say there are not real racists, sexists, and other forms of bigots in the world. Of course there are. But if people are repeatedly told that thanking women is sexist and enjoying the traditions of another culture is racist (along with literally everything else), don’t be surprised when they stop trusting you to be a fair judge of what is out of bounds. If there is nothing someone can do to absolve themselves of your disapproval, why would they ever seek to do so?

Then, when real bigotry raises its ugly head, who are people going to trust to tell them so? The ones who called them racist for partying on May 5th and sexist for calling their wives amazing mothers?

As much as I may want to enjoy liberals’ use of circular firing squads, this simply is not healthy for our country. Not when it is used against conservatives, and not when it is used against liberals. This may be racist to say, but how about we treat everyone as individuals, not as members of groups divided into victims and victimizers?

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