Welcome to the Multiverse

There is a theory known as the multiverse. It is a real scientific(ish) theory, but is most popular as a dues ex machina in TV shows and movies. According to this theory, every time you make a decision, other universes are created in which you made a different decision. This leads to all kinds of different universes where alternate histories have drastically changed our world. If you’ve watched Man in the High Castle, The Flash, or Community, you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

I used to think the multiverse was a ridiculous idea only useful for tv shows. Now I’m convinced we live in one of those split off alternate realities.

How else to explain some Republicans accepting the word of an ex-KGB agent turned dictator, or of an anti-American zealot hiding from rape charges, over that of American intelligence agencies?

The news today is full of some prominent Republicans citing Assange on Russian hacking as if he is an honest and neutral judge of the evidence. Assange said it was not Russia that hacked the DNC, therefore the American intelligence community must be lying to us. Yes, I understand that as the leader of the organization that received and published the hacked documents he might be in a position to know. But there’s a problem with that assumption, even if you are willing to accept Assange’s word: Assange has previously said Wikileaks is designed so that not even he can know who his source is. He said that during the Bradley Manning affair (if you forgot, that was when Assange was releasing information that didn’t just embarrass the US and make it harder to fight the War or Terror, but put coalition troops at risk, as well as the lives of Afghan civilians who had helped us and opposed al Qaeda. This is back when Trump called for Assange to be executed).

But now, instead of helping al Qaeda, Wikileaks is helping Trump. Apparently, for some Republicans that is enough to wipe the slate clean.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m inclined to trust the American patriots in the intelligence community over an anti-American fugitive. Fortunately, Trump has not completely corrupted the Republican Party, and many still remember who the good guys are.




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